Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are small, and oftentimes nearly invisible, devices that improve quality of hearing and, if needed, can alter or amplify sounds, such as background noise, to compensate for parts of the ear that have been damaged. Hearing aids share the same basic components: a microphone, amplifier, speaker and battery. The right hearing aid is individualized, and we take our time to find the right solution for you.

Hearing Loss

We understand that hearing well is an integral part of fully experiencing the joys life. With over 36 million Americans experiencing hearing loss, hearing is something we don’t take lightly. Inline with our values of establishing trusting relationships with our clients, we provide free hearing tests, ongoing hearing support and expert hearing aid fittings. We offer state of the art technology and equipment, we fit and customize most brands of hearing aids.

Our Technology

We offer the best and top-of-the-line hearing aids and are proud of our selection and knowledge of each style. With the latest cutting edge technology, hearing aids now come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, offering a range of advanced technology options to suit even the most demanding lifestyles. For example, today’s hearing aids can include wireless Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect to your cell phone hands free.